Before moving to LA, I visited a friend in West Hollywood for a week to feel the place out and see if this was really where I wanted to be. (Spoiler: It was.) During that trip, I was given the opportunity to follow along on a 2-hour drive into the desert to  the Salton Sea where I got to play set photographer for the day. After focusing on video for so long, it was nice to get back to my photography roots and see how my style has changed since college. On this shoot I learned I really love shooting event or "behind the scenes" photos and I am now considering doing some more documentary photography / photo journalism!




I've been experimenting with photography from a young age, recieving a 1MP Gateway digital camera in middle school and then learning darkroom techniques and getting my first DSLR in high school. Since beginning video as my full-time job, I've definitely neglected the passion I have for photography. I'd love to do more behind the scenes and event photography work, but I also want to take time to figure out my mature photography aesthetic and play around with some more conceptual work. Above is just a taste of my photography past.